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Hey guysss! 

I’m back! Well not really I have my new blog mostly set up and I know I said I’d wait till it was all ready before posting the link on here but heh lbr that’s not gonna happen till like next year cause i’m lazy as fuck sooo… If you like Teen Wolf and I don’t annoy you (much) follow me on: 

——» thebigbadfailwolf.tumblr.com 

If you follow me on here and you go follow me on there as well, I’ll follow back on that blog too. It’s mostly teen wolf but I still post some of what I post on here like marvel and other tv shows just not as much… it’s hard to keep a balance but it supposed to be more teen wolf than anything else soo yeah… 

Anyways, yeah go follow if you want and I don’t think i’ll be on here anymore cause like I said i’m hella lazy and running one blog is enough but it was nice blogging with y’all on here and stuff. 

hasta la vista my peeps 

May 19

« I… Look, I’m not the crying kind, Steve. I didn’t cry at my own father’s funeral. But right then and there I realized that in this crazy business we’re in, there’s no one I’d miss more than you.»  — Tony Stark (Captain America vol.1 #401)

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Hey guys… just wanted to let y’all know the reason I haven’t been on as much is that I have a new (well not new but kinda new) blog and I’m setting that up so I’ve been over there

I’ll post a link when it’s set up in case any of y’all wanna follow me over there and if not that’s cool too. 

Peace out

April 15

Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on April 13, 2014

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Dylan O’Brien attends the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

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Tyler Hoechlin arrives at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday, April 13, 2014, at Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles.

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mtv: Dylan O’Brien looking like a rock star! Who likes the leather jacket? #movieawards #instarazzi

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